RIG v2 Frameset

The Hardtail Frame to Look out For

Frames have landed – finally! The RIG v2 frame packs a lot of forward-thinking features which make it a hardtail frame like no other. It’s a true weapon, whether you ride in bike parks, race in enduro, or do long loops during weekends.

The RIG v1 as a Base

The RIG v1 frame project turned out to be a surprising success. The reason behind it initially was that no frames were available with the exact specs that I was looking for. Going the custom route would have been an option, but since building a frame with my own hands has been a dream since the advent of suspension forks with elastomers, why not cross off two things from the bucket list at once?

Going into production never crossed my mind when starting the project. Just ending up with something rideable instead of an expensive pile of steel tubing joined together would be considered a win. To get the ins and outs of the project, read the article previously published in Pinbike.

Reader Story: The Rig v1 – A Custom Hardtail Frame with a Pinion Gearbox

Still hot after brazing! Photo: Antti Konga.

After getting some miles in with the newly born frame, I’ve received inquiries if it will be available to buy – which is the very reason you are reading this site.

A small and very limited batch of these frames is made. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Buy now, or cry later.

The Specs

I do not consider my self skilled enough of holding a brazing or welding torch (yet) to build a frame for anyone else besides myself. I can act as a test dummy, but do not care to pass that role to anyone else. Finding a reliable manufacturer for the frame batch was the first order of business.

After a considerable amount of searching and weighing different options, the choice was easy. The frames will be built by Nicolai Bicycles. The quality and attention to detail of the German manufacturer are 2nd to none, without exaggeration. Since Nicolai as extensive experience in working with aluminum, the material of choice will be 7020 T6 Al.

See the build process yourself.


RIG v2 differentiates itself from the crowd with a couple of things. On top of the list, is the Pinion Gearbox which provides the following benefits:

  • Reliability. The gearbox is a very reliable option that uses a robust single-speed drivetrain. Bent derailleurs and worn cassettes are a memory in the past. 
  • Low-maintenance. Besides lubing the chain once in a full moon, Pinion recommends an oil change annually or between 10000km – challenge accepted? 
  • Ample range. RIG v2 is available with two gearbox options: C1.9 XR (range 568%) and C1.12 (600% range). Both of them offer more range than a traditional 1X drivetrain.
  • Shifting while coasting. Shifting can be done when coasting or even while standing still through the whole gear range! Once you familiarize yourself with this freedom, it is very hard to give up. 
  • Low COG. The gearbox places the center of gravity in the middle of the bike and as low as possible; both of which are good things.  
  • Clearance. 24T sprockets front and back offer plenty of clearance.
  • Silence! The chain of the simple single-speed drivetrain is always tight (when set up properly) which means that chain slaps and rattles are non-existent. This produces a ride that is so silent that is hard to comprehend before experiencing it first-hand.
  • 2-year warranty. Pinion has a 2-year on the gearbox itself – unheard of in anything related to bicycle drivetrains

What about the cons? Surely, there must be some! Yes, but features might be a better term to describe them.

  • Weight. C1.9 XR is roughly 700g heavier than a XT drivetrain for example. However, the extra weight is placed in the best location possible; around the bottom bracket. 
  • Efficiency. Gearbox has a lower efficiency compared to traditional derailleur-based. Putting an exact number on it is a hard task. If derailleur-based gears have an efficiency loss of 2-3%, the corresponding number of the Pinion gearbox might be around 4-6%. This is somewhat trivial since a seasoned rider should have watts to spare.
  • Slack. The inbuilt freewheel of the gearbox has a somewhat low POE number. Therefore, a rear hub with a high POE number is recommended to minimize the slack, i.e. Onyx Racing Hub or similar.
  • Grip shifter. Replacing the traditional paddle-operated shifter with a grip shifter is not a weakness. Getting used to the grip shifter happens in 1-2 rides and is actually quite enjoyable to use.
  • Shifting requires lowering pedal power.  The possibility of shifting while coasting is a massive advantage. However, it also means that shifting cannot be done under full power. Stopping pedaling altogether is not required to shift, but lowering the force on the pedals is necessitated. As it is with the shifter, getting used to this happens in a couple of rides.  

Frame comes with a 5-year warranty, and the gearbox with 2-year warranty period.


Because of production-related reasons, frames will be available only in one size. The geometry represents a modern frame or progressive style that fits a rider 177-190cm of height, depending on the preferences.

RIG v2 forms a very capable pair with the MRP Ribbon fork which is included in the build options.

Below you can find some notes and thoughts behind the numbers.

  • Head angle. 64 degree head angle provides a nice amount of stability even in high-speed situations without making the bike feeling like a wheelbarrow. 
  • Reach. A reach of 500mm hits a sweet spot in the long and stable department without stretching the cockpit too much.
  • Seat angle. Seat mast pointed in 77 degrees from vertical plants the rider nicely in the middle of the bike.
  • Chainstay length. Pinion and the mount accompanying it require more space than a traditional bottom bracket. Therefore, there’s a limit on how much the CS length can be shortened. Because of the mount and chainstay yoke, the CS length can not be made shorter than 445mm when running a tire of 750mm in diameter (roughly 29×2,4″ tire size). When using a 27,5+ tire with a 730mm diameter, the CS can be shortened approximately to 435mm length.
  • Boosted. Single-speed drivetrains are often accompanied by 142mm wide rear hubs. The reason for using the 148mm Boost spacing is that most riders have Boost wheelsets already in their garage or in the current bike. Converting them to Pinion-compatible is a matter of acquiring a Shimano HG freehub body. Besides, a 142mm single-speed hub can be run in a Boost frame with the use of spacers. The same thing does not apply the other way around.

Detail Photos

Build Options

RIG v2 is available in two different gearbox options which include the Pinion CNC cranks, shifter, and 24T sprockets.

To get the best possible ride experience, it is recommended to equip the drivetrain with a rear hub that has a high POE number to minimize the slack. Onyx Racing Products is the gold standard when it comes to instant engagement hubs. Do yourself a service and familiarize yourself with these truly high-class products.

Onyx Racing Products

Build options are as follows. All of the options include the frame, CNC cranks, shifter, and a pair of 24T sprockets. When placing a pre-order, frame, and component colors can be customized.  All prices listed include VAT (24%).

Base Build – Frame + Pinion C1.9 XR

  • Pinion C1.9 XR gearbox
  • Price 2965 €

Base Build 2 – Frame + Pinion C1.12

  • Pinion C1.12 gearbox
  • Price 3075 €

CK Build – Frame + Pinion C1.12 + Chris King headset

  • Chris King i2 headset
  • Pinion C1.12 gearbox
  • Price 3165 €

Ribbon Build – Frame + MRP Ribbon + Pinion C1.12 + Chris King headset

  • MRP Ribbon fork (Air or Coil)
  • Chris King i2 headset
  • Pinion C1.12 
  • Price 3945 €

ERA Build – Frame + EXT ERA fork + Pinion C1.12 + Chris King headset

  • EXT ERA fork, 150mm travel
  • Chris King i2 headset
  • Pinion C1.12 
  • Price 4580 €

Onyx Build – Frame + Onyx hubs + Pinion C1.12 + Chris King headset

  • Onyx Classic hubs
  • Pinion C1.12 gearbox
  • Chris King i2 headset
  • Price 3850 €

Bells & Whistles Build – Frame + MRP Ribbon + Onyx hubs + Pinion C1.12 + Chris King -headset

  • MRP Ribbon fork (Air or Coil)
  • Chris King i2 headset
  • Onyx hubs Classic HG or SS
  • Pinion C1.12 gearbox
  • Price 4750 €

Contact Point Extras – Burgtec stem, pedals, and handlebar of choice


When placing an order, a non-refundable pre-payment of 1000€ will be made. The remaining sum will be paid when the products are delivered. Contact info@4130.fi for more information and further details.

Points worth discussing are:

  • Frame color: raw or anodized black
  • Gearbox choice
  • Build specs
  • Fork model: EXT ERA or MRP RIbbon (if purchased)
  • Hub colors (if purchased)
  • Quote for shipping